NH Procedual Safeguards Handbook

The New Hampshire Special Education Procedural Safeguards Handbook

Children are more likely to succeed when parents and educators work together to develop and
achieve educational goals for children with disabilities. Federal and State law provide many
opportunities for parents to be involved in the planning and decision making concerning their
child’s special education needs.

This handbook has been developed to provide parents, adult students with disabilities, educators
and others with information about parent/child rights in the special education process. These
rights are called “procedural safeguards.” Parents are integral members of the IEP Team. The
IEP Team is the group that makes most of the major decisions about a child’s special education
needs and services. Parents are full members of the IEP Team.

The IEP team determines evaluation, eligibility, the Individualized Education Program (IEP), and
educational placement of the child. The formal name of the Team is the IEP Team, but it may be
referred to by other names depending on the function or activity being addressed. You are an
important member of the IEP Team; your voice needs to be included. The special education
process offers parents an opportunity to share their knowledge and expertise about their child
with others on their child’s Team. The law was established to offer opportunities for parents to
participate in the special education process and promote communication between schools and
parents on behalf of their child. The special education process is most effective when parents
and school personnel are well informed and able to work together.