About Us


The mission of the Farmington School District is to develop and prepare every individual for lifelong learning and participation in a global society through quality education. The Farmington School District is a supportive learning environment for students, school staff, families, and the greater community.

Core Values
v Trust
v Integrity
v Genuineness
v Empathy
v Respect
v Success

PLT Membership Expectations:·  

You will need to be committed to the group and to attend the schedule meetings.·       
You will be expected to speak up at meetings to share the things you like about FHS and ways we can improve as a school. You will also be expected to be a good listener.·       
You will be expected to be a representative voice for other students you know at FHS.·       
You will be expected to be positive and, while it is good to be critical, the group will focus on solutions and ideas to better FHS.·       
You may be invited to be an ambassador to speak in front of student or adult groups.·       
You will be expected to communicate with other PLT members to coordinate planning and events across all three sessions at FHS.·        
You will be expected to maintain at least a current grade of a C or higher in your classes, demonstrate regular and reliable attendance at FHS, and be free from disciplinary actions.Meeting Schedule:Typically once a month, usually on a Friday. Time and location to be determined.(Subcommittee/ Special events meetings may meet more frequently.)