11th Grade Planning


College prep checklist
  • Make an appointment with your counselor! Are you on track to meet your goals? What courses will you need to take senior year?
  • KEEP STUDYING! Colleges consider all 4 years when looking at your transcript, however junior year could be your make it or break it year so don’t fall behind!
  • Many juniors want to qualify for the National Merit Scholarship. Don’t miss the October date! See your school counselor for details.
  • Which college is going to be a good fit for you? Attend a college fair in your area and send in college information request cards.
  • There are a lot of schools out there to choose from! Provide your counselor with a list of programs and majors you might be interested in.
  • Prepare to take the SAT in the spring. Go to www.collegeboard.org for free SAT prep resources.

    Continue to build your college resume….

    o Ask about NH Scholars

    o When do I apply for National Honor Society?

    o What community service opportunities are available?

    o Colleges want to know what you are doing with your time when you are not in school. Are you working? Playing sports? Participating in clubs and organizations?
  • Begin researching and developing a list of colleges you are interested in.
  • Take the SAT or ACT. Check with colleges you are interested in to see if they require subject tests.
  • Make sure you are having conversations about how you plan to pay for college… and continue to save, save, save!
  • Attend the College Overview for Juniors night on April 13th @ 6:30pm. This presentation begins the conversation about the college admission process. Topics discussed will include:

    o Tips for searching and finding the ‘right’ school
    o Special programs and options to consider when choosing a school
    o Advice for college touring and ways to stand out to a college

    Go to www.nhheaf.org for great resources and pick up a copy of The College Insider from your Counselor!

Contact your counselors with any questions or concerns!

Linda Sheff 

755-2811, ext 105

Kathryn Sauer 

755-2811, ext 114