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Farmington Schools Come Out Clean in Sweep by Drug Dogs

posted Mar 13, 2017, 11:23 AM by mjozokos@sau61.org

This morning, six K-9 officers and their dogs from the Working Dog Foundation searched Farmington High School and the 6-8 grades of the Henry Wilson School.  These searches were conducted with the cooperation and supervision of school administrators, while students practiced either fire or lockdown drills.  We are happy to report that no illicit drugs were located in any buildings and the students and staff did a great job following their protocols for both types of drills.

The Farmington Police Department, and the Farmington School District (SAU 61) do our best to insure that schools are a positive environment by taking a ‘zero tolerance’ approach toward drugs in schools.  If a student is found possessing, using or selling drugs on school property, the student goes before the School Board and may face criminal charges.  Taking this type action is the only way to insure that students receive a clear and consistent message about the consequences of this type of inappropriate behavior.

The Farmington Police Department and the Farmington School District do our best insure that children are safe in schools.  Periodic searches of the schools for illicit drugs is just one step that the department and district take toward insuring that the schools are a positive learning environment.

            Both organizations will remain committed to insuring that these schools are safe and drug free throughout the school year.