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9th Grade Student Planning


October is antibullying month!

  This year we will be focusing on healthy relationships and treating others with dignity. 

Our aim is to begin to foster a culture of respect and kindness 

for one another throughout the FHS community.

Trust -

the belief in ourselves and others to be just, reliable, and supportive

Integrity -

the strength of character to persevere while being ethical, responsible, and thoughtful

Genuineness -

being honest and sincere in sharing beliefs, values, and passions with self and others

Empathy -

the ability to feel compassion for others’ feelings and opinions

Respect -

the dignity, honor, and courtesy to value self, others, and environment


the continual achievement of goals

                     College prep Checklist                     
  •      Meet with your school counselor to map out a 4-year plan – Mapping out a 4-year plan based on your interests and goals will be an important step in making sure that you are set up to take the courses that are right for you.
  •      Challenge Yourself – Enroll in an appropriate curriculum where you can be both successful while being challenged.
  •      Set up your Career Cruising portfolio and start to utilize the career interest inventories to explore various careers and job opportunities
  •      Get involved! Explore the different extracurricular activities and volunteering opportunities available to you in the school and the community – clubs, sports, class offices, etc.
  •      Ask about NH Scholars and Honor society – getting information early will help you plan and prepare
  •      Study hard and do well in school right from the start – Doing well in your foundational courses will not only make the road ahead easier but it is also important for college. Remember, colleges weigh your freshman the same as all the others!
  •      Take the PSAT 9
  •      Start saving for college! 

Contact your counselors with any questions or concerns!

Linda Sheff 


755-2811, ext 105


Kathryn Sauer 


755-2811, ext 114