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11th Grade Student Planning


The mission of the Farmington School District 

is to develop and prepare every individual for lifelong learning and participation in 

a global society through quality education.

Trust -

the belief in ourselves and others to be just, reliable, and supportive

Integrity -

the strength of character to persevere while being ethical, responsible, and thoughtful

Genuineness -

being honest and sincere in sharing beliefs, values, and passions with self and others

Empathy -

the ability to feel compassion for others’ feelings and opinions

Respect -

the dignity, honor, and courtesy to value self, others, and environment


the continual achievement of goals


                              College prep checklist                      


      Make an appointment with your counselor! Are you on track to meet your goals? What courses will you need to take senior year?

      KEEP STUDYING! Colleges consider all 4 years when looking at your transcript, however junior year could be your make it or break it year so don’t fall behind! 

      Many juniors want to qualify for the National Merit Scholarship. Don’t miss the October date! See your school counselor for details.

      Which college is going to be a good fit for you? Attend a college fair in your area and send in college information request cards.

      There are a lot of schools out there to choose from! Provide your counselor with a list of programs and majors you might be interested in.  

      Prepare to take the SAT in the spring. Go to for free SAT prep resources.  

      Continue to build your college resume….

o   Ask about NH Scholars

o   When do I apply for National Honor Society?

o   What community service opportunities are available?

o   Colleges want to know what you are doing with your time when you are not in school. Are you working? Playing sports? Participating in clubs and organizations?


      Begin researching and developing a list of colleges you are interested in.

      Take the SAT or ACT. Check with colleges you are interested in to see if they require subject tests.

      Make sure you are having conversations about how you plan to pay for college… and continue to save, save, save!

      Attend the College Overview for Juniors night on April 13th @ 6:30pm. This presentation begins the conversation about the college admission process. Topics discussed will include:

o   Tips for searching and finding the ‘right’ school

o   Special programs and options to consider when choosing a school

o   Advice for college touring and ways to stand out to a college

      Go to for great resources and pick up a copy of The College Insider from your Counselor!

Contact your counselors with any questions or concerns!

Linda Sheff 


755-2811, ext 105


Kathryn Sauer 


755-2811, ext 114